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Stop Trump: Who You Should Follow on Twitter

Trump Angry

These are folks who get it and have quickly become the voices to rely on in this scary Trump world. Here’s who we would recommend you follow immediately.

The Authorities

John Favreau Former Obama speechwriter, now cofounder of Crooked Media and co-host of the PodSaveAmerica podcast. On the pulse of this movement.

Dan Rather – The former news anchor elder statesman has found a new voice and audience on social media. He offers much-needed gravity and perspective.

Keith Olbermann – Former news anchor and political commentator now delivers anti-Trump commentaries for GQ and shares his rage online.

Chris HayesChris Hayes – The outspoken MSNBC host has become an important voice against Trump’s actions and contextualizing events as they take place.  

Ezra Klein – The former MSNBC host and founder of Vox.com offers important analysis and perspective on the issues that matter.

Sarah Kendzior – Writer for such publications as Quartz and The Globe and Mail, Sarah has been sharing warnings about Trump since day one.


Michael Ian Black – He didn’t play in the NFL for nine years, nor does he have two Superbowl rings. But he’s funny as fuck and loves to provoke Trump fans.

Mike Drucker – Writer for Bill Nye Saves the World, the Tonight Show, and SNL, Drucker’s on-the-pulse commentary provides both humor and perspective.

Vic Berger – Vic grew to fame thanks to his video edits of 2016 election, but he has since solidified his role as one of the top anti-Trump comedic voices.


George TakaiGeorge Takai – Mr. Sulu has built quite a following as he fights for equality and other civil rights issues. He’s now a leading voice against Trump on Twitter.

Chrissy TiegenChrissy Teigen – The model and author has become a hilarious voice against Trump and clearly doesn’t give two fucks what he thinks.

Kumail NanjianiKumail Nanjiani – The brilliant Pakastani-born Silicon Valley star often uses his own experiences to draw attention to the travesty of Trump’s actions.

Michael MooreMichael Moore – A champion of the people, the outspoken filmmaker is helping to rally the troops across the nation in defiance of Trump.

Marc Cuban – Billionaire entrepreneur and Shark Tank host calls it like it is and offers valuable economic perspective.


Not Alt World – The resistance account started by National Park Service members silenced by Trump to share their science and climate facts.

Swing Left – Follow and support these efforts to vote in progressive candidates in swing states in 2018!


Half an OnionHalf an Onion – Someone created this stupid account to prove to Trump that a half an onion could get more followers than him. Do your part.

Trump Draws – Follow this account to see what our esteemed president will draw next! The best drawings.



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