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Why You Should #DeleteUber and Support Lyft


You may have noticed the hashtag #DeleteUber take off over the weekend as thousands of Uber users yanked the app off their phones. And it’s probably with good reason. Last week, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick defended his decision to serve on Trump’s business advisory board, saying “We must work with Trump,” enraging many. But adding fuel to the fire, just as the New York City Taxi Worker’s Alliance announced it would stop pickups in solidarity with those protesting Trump’s Muslim Ban at JFK, Uber announced it was turning off Surge pricing at the airport – a positive move on the surface, but one that undermined the Taxi union’s efforts (effectively giving people a cheap alternative).

Early morning Sunday, Uber clarified its intentions and shared a message from Kalanick voicing support for immigrants. But many felt the Uber CEO’s words didn’t go far enough. He claimed he’ll “talk to Trump” about the Muslim Ban, but didn’t outright condemn it.

Meanwhile, Uber competitor Lyft took an immediate stance against Trump’s actions via its CEO Logan Green on Twitter.

Lyft then put its money where its mouth was, sending an email to its users stating it would donate $1 million to the ACLU in protest of Trump’s immigration order.

So to those vehemently against Trump’s actions, this weekend served as a strong indicator of each company’s values. Some pointed out that people should do more than just #DeleteUber, however, but to also directly tell Uber why:


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