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If Anyone Ever Tells You America Voted For Trump, Just Show Them This Chart


The people of the United States of America did not elect Trump as their president. A group of electoral college representatives — who did not do their duty of ensuring that a person unfit for office never actually makes it to the presidency — did. If the country was to still utilize this archaic electoral system, it should have at least been used properly as designed by our forefathers. But whatever, that’s not the point of this article.

We all know that Hillary got millions of more votes than Trump. But looking at the below chart (via Washington Post) really helps put things into clear perspective. Over 70 percent of eligible American voters did NOT vote for Trump. Again, a group of 538 electors did.

Feel free to use this visual when reminding folks of that.


  1. …and that how it has been done for a long time! Nothing new, so don’t rile people up with fake news. Perfectly legal and done because some states are so small they would not be represented at all. That is not fair! All states should have a say in an election not just the big ones like CA, NY, TX, etc. and that is why it’s done this way.
    Hillary lost Trump won, get used to it!!!


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