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Kanye Comes to His Senses, No Longer Team Trump


Looks like Kanye is no longer looking to maintain his relationship with President Trump following the actions of the President’s first two weeks in office. If you remember, Kanye had met with Trump in December, justifying it by saying that it was “important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change.” He had also said he would have voted for Trump, had he voted. (It’s perhaps worth noting that this was around the time he was hospitalized for much-needed psychiatric care).

However, Kanye has now deleted all of his tweets in support of meeting Trump and is no longer a Trump supporter based on his recent actions such as the Muslim Ban (which his wife Kim Kardashian criticized on Twitter), according to TMZ sources.  TMZ says the decision to remove the tweets was all Kanye’s.


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