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Over 200 Republican Representatives Skipping Town Halls – Don’t Let Them Off The Hook


It’s been reported that over 200 Republicans will be skipping out on Town Halls with their constituents this year due to fears of having to defend their positions. After outpourings of rage at early town halls, many Republicans are opting for more controlled experiences, such as Facebook livestreams, where questions are limited. From Vice:

“For the first two months of the new Congress, the 292 Republicans have scheduled just 88 in-person town hall events — and 35 of those sessions are for Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, according to a tabulation conducted by Legistorm. In the first two months of the previous Congress in 2015, by contrast, Republicans held 222 in-person town hall events.”

Don’t let them off the hook. What can you do? 

Find your local Resistance event

Attend a Resistance Recess event. The organization’s website has an interactive map of all of the resistance events being planned. From Resistance Recess:

“This is the perfect time to raise our voices. We will show up at our elected officials’ events, town halls, other public appearances, and even plan our own events, if they refuse to meet with us, to make it clear to those who represent us, as well as to the media, that tolerance of Trump’s hurtful agenda is unacceptable and politically toxic.”


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