Home News Trump Vineyard Requesting Even More Visas For Foreign Workers

Trump Vineyard Requesting Even More Visas For Foreign Workers


When is the rest of the country going to wake up and see that Trump is just completely rubbing their faces in it? Despite all of the political theater about keeping jobs for Americans, the president continues to demonstrate the rules don’t apply to him.

If you remember, last December there was outrage that Trump allowed his Virginia vineyard to seek temporary visas for foreign workers. (The same month that he had also won approval to hire 77 foreign workers at his Mar-a-Lago resort and golf course).

But now it was reported this past week that Trump Vineyard Estates has filed yet another request for visas for foreign farm workers at its Virginia winery. The application requests H-2 worker visas for 23 laborers working at $11.27 an hour.

Trump Winery is owned by the president’s son Eric Trump, but it is located on the Trump Vineyard Estates, which is part of the real estate portfolio of the Trump Organization that the president still owns. So yeah, Trump continues to hire foreign workers.


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