Home News Trump’s First TV Address Misses Obama’s Ratings. Sad!

Trump’s First TV Address Misses Obama’s Ratings. Sad!


OK, good for Trump for pulling in the highest ratings of the evening on Tuesday for his first ever TV announcement with 33 million viewers. But bad news for him that Obama’s first live TV conference in 2009 dwarfed his numbers. Here’s CNN:

The first prime time address of Trump’s presidency did not measure up to President Obama’s first prime time event, however. Almost 50 million viewers — 49.4 million to be exact — tuned in when Obama held a press conference the night of February 4, 2009.


Note that the Nielsen ratings don’t take into account folks who watched online – and one can assume that more people likely could have, given the ubiquity of online streaming in 2017 versus 2009. Actually, you can pretty much bet that Trump will tweet about the “millions and millions” of folks online who weren’t counted by Nielsen.


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