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Trump’s America. Racist Outbreak at Walmart


Trump’s America. A Latino woman says “excuse me” to get medicine @Walmart and the other lady rambles about “people” coming near her. Latino gets told, “Go back to Mexico. Go back wherever you’re from. You’re in America. It’s not your country. We don’t want you here.” A black woman tries to intervene and gets called the N word. These videos need to go viral. This is not acceptable or normal behavior.“Latino woman needs medicine, says “excuse me” @WalMart to get it. White woman tells her to leave America then calls another woman “nigger”

See it Here: https://t.co/l7j5YBTlWP


  1. Are you proud of what you become,staters?(cause you’re not America. America is a continent with so many countries. North,Central and South.)

  2. How do you like this to the POTUS? This woman was a racist when Obama was POTUS also. It wasn’t his fault was it? How is it DJT’s fault? You missed the logic train.

  3. Ignorance and racism is not the effect of Trump being elected. But he is the reason why it has been allowed to step out from behind the curtain and be displayed openly as if hatred and prejudice was a Constitutional right. Or worse yet, an acceptable form of Christian practice.

  4. Dumb bitch forgot her history lessons from grade school, Native Americans were always here and Cali, NV, AZ TX, and other states belonged to Mexico origionally.
    Maybe miss white privilege should get back on the boat to the Motherland. ENGLAND.

  5. This was about an hour and a half from where we live in Ark. The woman who was rammed into has been on our local nightly news. She’s lived in NWA for over 20 years and is an American citizen. Walmart, for once, sided with the manager in his defence of the woman recording and told the racist woman to leave the store.

  6. Why do people now seem to think it’s okay to act like this? Are there some ranters on fox whipping them on?

  7. Do your homework white trash! This is not your country, you murdered the natives and stole their land. At least we came to contribute with the economy, that judging by your appearance in age, it looks like u don’t anymore.


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