Home News Harley-Davidson workers back Trump despite jobs shift

Harley-Davidson workers back Trump despite jobs shift


Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. If you get taken for a ride by a conman who threatens your ability to provide for yourself and your family, know when to admit you were wrong and get off the crazy train!

Harley-Davidson workers back Trump despite jobs shift

An Urgent Message to Workers who Voted for Trump:
You have been played by a conman who has never had your best-interests at heart. As he stokes tensions with America’s trading partners to feed his own ego, your jobs are on the line. Meanwhile, he has cut taxes for corporations and wealthy, exploding the deficit to pave the way for deep cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. You deserve a president who cares about you, not someone who sells you out. So do all Americans.


  1. when you have no jobs…because the idiot in charge messed that up you just keep praising his skills…you might wanna ask urself why he hasn’t brought back one of his companies to bring jobs to Americans..nor has his daughter…pssttt they’re millionaires and don’t really care if you lose ur job or not..all he cares about is that ur dumb enough to keep kissing his ass…holy shit people


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