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Saturday Shootings and Sunday Services


“On Sunday, many Christians will likely fill churches and publicly lament the deaths in El Paso for an hour or so. They will light candles and sing songs and read hymns of lament and pray for comfort for grieving families—and yet they will leave the service and do almost nothing else.”

Saturday Shootings and Sunday Services

As I write this it’s Saturday in America. It’s Saturday and there’s been another shooting. Once again we find ourselves here in this terribly familiar place. We are grieving again. We’re watching in disbelief again. Dozens of families are planning funerals again. It’s Saturday and we’re …


  1. The sad truth is what you say is true. Look at our domestic terrorist he is not a man of color. When do we as a nation stand up for all of humanity? Cowards, especially the politicians who are driven by greed and power. The President has his hands filled with the blood of innocents lives lost. His disgusting manner of speaking and bullying say it all.🤮


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